Image of JULY 2012 // LONG BEACH

$550.00 - On Sale

FLOCK | Birds of a Feather, design together.
Design for blogging.

• The workshop will be a 2-day class to be held on Saturday & Sunday, from 9AM-5PM in our adorable studio in Long Beach, California on July 28th + July 29th, 2012.

• Classes will be intimate with no more than 20 students.

• On the second day we will be teaming up with Ala Cortez of Love Ala photography to be taking some fun head shots & learning basic retouching so you can actually use it on your blog!

• With the skills you learn in Illustrator we will then dive into designing mood boards, textures, text, layering & so much more!

• Each workshop will cost $750, since it's our first installment, we will offer a discounted price of $550.

The whole weekend will be fun, promise! You will be taking away a bag of goodies & some fresh skills to add your own flair to your blog. The workshop will start with the importance of branding. Yup, it’s that important! We will discuss aspects of a successful blog & social media.