What do I need to bring to class?
You will need to bring a laptop, preferably a Mac & if space allows, you can bring your desktop. Lunch will be provided so please let us know if you have any food qualms. Don't forget snacks!

What programs do I need to attend the workshop?
We will be using Adobe Illustrator CS5 & Adobe Photoshop CS5 & you will need to have these programs pre-installed. You can also download the free 30 day trial to test it out first.

Is this class beginner friendly?
Yes! No need to feel intimidated, Illustrator is super easy to navigate & I will only teach you things that aren't very complex. The skills you will learn in Photoshop will also be basic. If you are familiar with the programs you might learn a couple new tricks as well!

How long is the workshop exactly?
The workshop will be between 9AM-5PM on both days.

Can you please come to my city!?
Yes! Please contact us & send us a request for your city.

What if I don't blog but I just want to learn some tips & tricks?
No problem! You will find that the skills you learn can be applied to so many different areas. 

What does the class include?
Being around other creative people only sparks more creativity! Hence our, birds of a feather, design together. You will gain invaluable knowledge on how to take your design skills to the next level. Oh, & it will include lunch & some fun swag goodies!

* Please note: This does not include travel or accommodations for those not local to the workshop. All other tools + cost are yours.